• An Nguyen

More news on the Iphone 8

There have been rumors that Apple will not be making the IPhone 8. If this is true, then this is the end of an era. This is shocking news because Apple tends to release new models of its phones every September.

2017 will the 10th year anniversary of the first ever IPhone being brought into existence. People believe it wouldn't be like Apple not to mark such a significant anniversary in a big way. It also led many people to believe there won’t be an IPhone 7s, or even an IPhone 8.

In the place of both phones will be the iPhone X. According to Seventeen Magazine.com, Apple might be considering using the Roman numeral for 10, "X", instead.

The name isn’t the only thing that will change. According to Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company, the new phone will boast a 5.8-inch wraparound screen, with the fingerprint detector, earpiece, and front camera all built into it. There will be no physical home button, which is something that is new.

Though the rumors sound exciting, there has been no actual proof of the new phone. We might have to wait another eight months for the big reveal.