• Destiny Shamblin

How to Use Quotev as an App

Quotev, sadly, isn't an app yet, but there is a way to help you have easy access to the website without having to get onto the internet. It's like saving the app as a bookmark, but its on your home screen, and seems so much like an app.

The site saved to your page will not work without WiFi. I tried, and it wouldn't load, so make sure to have data or WiFi to get on it. Doing these few easy steps, you can get Quotev as a temporary shortcut app. It seems the same, and the only difference is that the search bar is at the bottom screen instead of on the top like on the site. Other than that, it's fine, and it works just like the site. Here are is how you do it.

For Android Phones and Tablets:

Go to Quotev.com in the chrome browser and select add to home screen in the menu.

For IPhone/ IPad/ IPod:

Go to Quotev.com in Safari and select add to home screen in Safari's menu.