• Amber White


For the longest time, the band Twenty One Pilots has been referred to as an emo band, a rock band, and even a rap group. They’ve been called a lot of different names, but what are they really?

Despite what everyone says, the band's official Wikipedia page has them categorized as falling into the genres of “alternative," "hip hop," "electropop," and "indie pop rock,” which means that fans with many different tastes may enjoy their music. Anyone can listen to this band and still be in their range of “music taste” without being labeled as “emo” or labeled as anything else than what you are. You can go to concerts and listen to new releases when they come out, since they are still an active band.

Their songs that they have released are "Goner," "Not Today," "Hometown," "Message Man," "We Don't Believe What's On TV," "Polarize," "Doubt," "The Judge," "Lane Boy," "Tear In My Heart," "Fairly Local," "Ride," "Stressed Out," and their most recent song, "Heavydirtysoul."

The songs on their album “Regional at Best” are “Guns for Hands,” “Holding On To You,” “Ode to Sleep,” “Slowtown,” “Car Radio,” “Forest,” “Glowing Eyes,” “Kitchen Sink,” “Anathema,” “Lovely,” “Ruby,” “Trees,” “Be Concerned,” and “Clear.”

Another album is “Vessel,” and the songs that are on this album are “Ode to Sleep,” “Holding On To You,” “Migraine,” “House of Gold,” “Car Radio,” “Semi-Automatic,” “screen,” “The Run and Go,” “Fake You Out,” “Guns for Hands,” “Trees,” “Truce,”

On their album “Twenty | One | Pilots,” the listed songs are “Implicit Demand for Proof,” “Fall Away,” “The Pantaloon,” “Addict With a Pen,” “Friend, Please,” “March to The Sea,” “Johnny Boy,” “Oh Miss Believer,” “Air Catcher,” “Trapdoor,” “A Car, A Touch, A Death,” “Taxi Cab,” “Before You Start Your Day,” and “Isle of Flightless Birds.”

Personally my favorite album out of the four they have made is the album “Blurryface” and my favorite song from that album is, “Stressed Out.” If I were to pick personal favorite songs that are not in that album, I’d have to pick “Car Radio,” “Kitchen Sink,” and “Migraine.” If you want to start listening to this band, those are some of the songs I would personally recommend as some starter songs.

Favorite songs on YouTube:

“Stressed Out”

“Car Radio”

“Kitchen Sink”


Information for this article was taken from twentyonepilots.com/