• Walter Grant

MLB News: Florida Marlins For Sale?

According to mlbtraderumors.com, the Florida Marlins reportedly have “Handshake agreement” to sell the team. The Marlins are planning on selling the team to a New York-based real estate developer for the price of $1.6 billion. According to multiple sources, the team is not projected to perform well this year, and the team may need to rebuild.

Reporter Clark Spence writes that he reached out to Samson for the Forbes report but was met with a reply of, “no comment at all.” According to the Herald, right fielder Giancarlo Stanton has a 13 year contract but owner Loria has only paid 15.5 of the 325 million.

According to fishstripes.com, “Romney was only supposedly considering buying; no actual handshakes took place. Since the precedent has been set Loria is simply leaking a false story to fish for offers.”

USA Today projects that the Marlins will finish third in the National League East with 75 wins. Baseball Prospectus has a similar projection of the Marlins being third in the division, just one win above the Braves.

MLB Daily Dish points out that “It appears that the Marlins may be considered closer to rebuild than contender this season,” which is not good news for Marlins fans since their minor league system is very weak.