• Damien Lane

Lady Gaga Steals the Show

This year’s Super Bowl, which was held on February 5, 2017, in Houston, Texas, was a close matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. It turned out to be a great game, with the Patriots coming out on top in the end, but singer Lady Gaga stole the show with her halftime performance.

According to ABC News and billboard.com, Lady Gaga started it off with the song “God Bless America” while “drones flew over her head and lit up to make the American flag.” After she finished the song, she jumped through the dome’s roof using a harness, landing on a platform.

According to billboard.com, the drones and Lady Gaga at the top of the dome singing were all pre-recorded and made for a perfect illusion for everyone to watch.

She then sang portions from some of her hit songs, such as “Poker Face,” while “hoisted in the air” wearing a “long-sleeved sparkling leotard.”

The singer then performed more of her songs like “Born this Way” and “Telephone.” At one point, she even pulled out a keytar, or “portable keyboard in the shape of an electric guitar,” according to ABC News, to play her song “Just Dance.”