• An Nguyen

Korean Beauty Trends Claims to Keep Makeup Lasting All Day

There are many beauty trends that claim to keep makeup lasting all day. But does it really work? Well I put it to the test!

This Korean beauty trend is called Jamsu, which means “submerging” in Korean. According to Seventeen Magazine.com, this trend involves coating your face with baby powder before submerging it in cold water for 15-30 seconds and then patting your face dry. This trend claims that the powder will set the makeup and the water will supposedly seal it.

Everyone has different skin types from dry to oily skin, so depending on what type of skin you have, this trick may or may not work for you. My skin type is oily, so I’ve tried many makeup tricks to keep my face matte, but none have seemed to work.

I decided to give this makeup trick a try, and here are my thoughts and experiences:

So the first thing I did was apply my concealer and foundation, as I normally do every day. Then I applied baby powder to my whole face. After that, I splashed cold water on my face. I decided not to submerge my face in a bowl of water but instead splash cold water on my face for the convenience of it.

During the middle of the day, I noticed that my face was still matte. My face did get a bit oily towards the end of the day, but it wasn’t a big deal to me.

The results will vary for everyone, but overall I was really impressed by how great this beauty trend worked. I will definitely include this in my makeup routine!