• Damien Lane

New Operator for Rainbow Six Siege Teased

The makers of "Rainbow Six Siege" just teased fans by showing one of the new characters, or “Operators,” for the current game map, Velvet Shell DLC. The new Operator is named Jackal, and his gadget is a head-mounted display that can track your foot prints after you walk from room to room.

Jackal is also bringing a new handgun to the game, a glock-9-mm, and his main weapon is a M-16. Jackal is a male operator from Spain and the new map Velvet Shell. They have not said when the new map and characters will come out, but we know they will tease us more about the map and operators.

The new DLC, or downloadable content, is free to the people. Fans are in love with his handgun and some about his M-16. The DLC map will be in the coast of Spain in a neon bar. No one has seen inside the map yet, only pictures of the outside of the building.

We are hoping that Rainbow will keep coming out with more DLC’s and new Operators for the following year and more.