• Zachery Bernabe

Gordon Ramsay Coming to MasterClass

MasterClass is an online education platform teaching talents like acting, DJ, tennis, cooking, and more. The lessons are taught by some of the most talented people in the world, such as Usher, Serena Williams, Dustin Hoffman, and James Patterson, and now newly added is chef Gordon Ramsay.

All lessons are $90 and last from two to five hours. This includes full-time access to any chapter in the course you are taking, a downloadable workbook, and class-specific tools for the coarse you are taking. The MasterClass program is a work at your own pace program, so you can complete the course at any time.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is joining the MasterClass crew early 2017. Ramsay will be taking you inside his own kitchen, teaching proper knife work,

how to cook meat, and more. Pre-enrollment for the class is starting now at MasterClass.com for only $90.

All research for this article was taken from masterclass.com