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Q&A With Walter Grant, Senior Syrupmaker and UGA Commit

Senior Syrupmaker linebacker Walter Grant, who is headed to play football at the University of Georgia this fall, sat down for a quick Q&A with the Red and Black staff. Here's what he had to say:

So, when did you first start to get attention as a prospect? Which college coach did you first meet with?

I started getting looked at playing varsity as a freshman. Colleges started looking at my film, and Coach Smart when he was DC at Alabama came and visited me, and I took a visit to Alabama.

What was that first college visit to Alabama like? Did you get a chance to meet any other coaches there, like Coach Saban?

Yeah, I got to talk to Coach Saban, and we sat in his office. He showed me his rings and stuff.

So what was it like meeting such a famous coach in person?

I mean, he’s a good coach, he’s going to coach you hard on and off the field. He wants you to get your education first. He’s very serious, and he’s laid back. It’s like a switch. He can turn it on. He’s going to encourage you and get on your back and he’s going to push you, regardless.

So obviously you were really impressed with that first visit and meeting Coach Saban, and you’ve also mentioned that Alabama was your favorite childhood team, so what made you end up setting on UGA?

When it came down to it, me knowing I’ll have a chance to see the field early and compete for a position, and my mom and my sister looked into the education part, and we sat down and talked about it, and we felt more comfortable going to Georgia.

So who was the first UGA coach you met with?

I met with Coach Bobo (who is now head coach at Colorado State); he came down here. Coach Sherrer (current UGA outside linebackers coach) came down here and saw me, too. I met Coach Bobo my freshman year and Coach Sherrer my sophomore year. My first visit (to UGA) was spring of my sophomore year.

Grant on a visit to UGA. He says he's taken at least 10 visits.

What was your first impression of UGA, in terms of the students, the campus, the sports facilities, etc.?

I first got there, and I met the coaches and everyone welcomed me in, and I got to know everyone there and know them outside of football, and everyone’s like a family, like they’re home.

Which current player did you enjoy meeting or hanging out with the most?

DeAndre Walker, who plays outside linebacker

What were your thoughts on the Bulldogs' season last year, and where do you see the team going over the next few years?

Last year they struggled. They had new coaches coming in, and everyone coaches different. You have a lot of players and a lot of new talent coming in, and once everyone gets on the same page things will be better.

What are your thoughts on Eason’s performance last year, and how do you see him developing this year?

He took his hits last year. He was a freshman anyways, and that’s a part of it. He has a year under his belt, so he should be alright.

Tell us about this year’s recruiting class, which is being recognized as being one of best in a long time. Have you gotten to know any of those guys, and which recruits are you most excited about play with?

I'm excited. We’re going to be good. We have good coaches and good players coming in. Once everyone gets there and learns each other’s personalities and how each other play with each other, its going to be a good year because everyone wants to win. I’m looking forward to playing with Malik Herring. He plays defensive end and D tackle. I’ve watched his videos, and I’m looking forward to playing with him.

Speaking of recruiting, what do you think is the big difference about Kirby as a coach and recruiter, compared to Richt?

He's more of a people person. He wants to get to know you as a person, not just as a player. Off the field, if it's not football based, you can laugh and joke with him, but when its football-based, its serious. You want that, that drive, someone to push you harder. You play hard for someone like that.

So what is your goal for next year as a player and as a team?

Going in and getting my education first and getting that out of the way and then focus on the season, get better, and help my team. To go to a BCS champtionship and win it all.

So what else would you like the Syrupmaker community and Dawg fans to know?

We want to win a championship!

Grant: "We want to win a championship!"