• Zachery Bernabe

To Update or Not to Update: IOS 10.2.1

Two months four betas later, and we finally have IOS 10.2.1.

With IOS 10 there has been a bug that crashes your device through your contacts; unfortunately, this bug has not yet been fixed. Developers and programmers are all surprised that Apple has yet to patch this bug fix, but Apple has patched an ICloud crash where if you put a long string of emojis in ICloud, it will crash the application and restart your phone or Apple device.

Apple has also yet to fix the shutter bug, which is a bug that makes a bad transfer in video quality when transferring from different light sources.

A big set back to a lot of users, developers ,and programmers is that there will never be a jailbreak for IOS 10.2.1; the next possible jailbreak will be probably be on IOS 10.2, and the reason for that is because the new update patched a lot of the key exploits for a jailbreak.

As a more experienced tech user, I would choose to not update to it to the newest software, but for casual users, the new update really won't change the look or performance of you device, so you should probably go ahead and update it.