• R&B Staff

Lakers Upset by Mavericks in Historical Defeat

The Los Angeles Lakers played the Dallas Mavericks yesterday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, and they lost by the biggest margin in the team’s history: 73:122. It was also, according to espn.com, the “most lopsided game in the NBA this season.”

Eleven years ago on this date, Kobe Bryant scored 81 points by himself against the Toronto Raptors.

This was a surprising loss for a team that has been, according to nba.com, the playoffs 60 times in their first 65 seasons, winning 16 championships in that span. According to espn.com, the team is currently more of a “rebuilding project,” however.

This was the 13th straight win by the Mavericks over the Lakers, according to espn.com.

The Lakers’ coach, Luke Walton, said after the game that “We didn't show up to play, honestly, which is frustrating," while Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson said it was just a “Tough game,” and “A loss is a loss.”