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The 2000s' Greatest Hits: 'I Am the Doctor'

The Doctor, a time-travelling alien from the famous British show Doctor Who, has had his moments since the beginning of the show in 1963. The reboot of the show appeared in 2005, and since then, he’s gone to more distant planets and alternate universes and has left a mark everywhere the he went, including the time a literal crack in time was forming from his use of the T.A.R.D.I.S., his time machine posing as a blue phone box. Besides that he has done some marvelous things in his travels. Please note that not all of the Doctor’s moments with the various companions he travels with are not as happy and full of victory.

“Raggedy Man...Goodbye”: The eleventh incarnation of the Doctor, along with his friends Amy and Rory Williams, take a well deserved stop in New York City. Rory goes off to get coffee and encounters the statue-like creatures known as the Weeping Angels, who have already laid out his death bed, and he gets whisked away back in time. The Doctor and Amy, having realized his disappearance through a book the Doctor was reading, go to save him. After creating a death paradox that kills the Weeping Angels, Rory and Amy think they are safe. The T.A.R.D.I.S. arrives in a cemetery holding the grave of Rory. As soon as he turns his back, a surviving Weeping Angel takes him back in time to his death. The heartbreaking moment of this episode is that Amy decides to go with him to live the rest of her life with Rory, leaving the Doctor behind. This tears at the audience’s heartstrings as the Doctor and the Ponds have traveled together for a while now and they have become the closest of friends. Her last line to him was “Raggedy Man...Goodbye.”

“Hello Sarah Jane”: On one of his adventures, the tenth incarnation of the Doctor meets with one of his older companions, Sarah Jane Smith. As little as this moment might seem, to fans, it’s a really big one. Sarah Jane used to travel with the Doctor a lot back when he was in his third and fourth incarnations. After a few dozen of his regenerations, Sarah Jane has finally shown her face and has met the Doctor in his tenth form. She was one the most beloved characters of the show, and her return really widened the pupils of, mostly, the older audiences. She also has appeared with the Doctor on her wedding day in her spin-off series of the show, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

These are not the only shining moments the Doctor has had in his many lifetimes. He has defeated many beings of absolute power, some dwelling within his own body and ones that are the sizes of planets. As of right now, the Doctor has gone through his eleventh regeneration and is now walking through space and time in his twelfth form and has many more adventures coming up.

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