• Madison Campbell

Retired Doctor Finds a Sketch from Da Vinci Worth $16 Million

Image scetched between 1482 and 1485

A drawing, revealed at auction on December 12, 2016, and believed to be by Italian master Leonardo Da Vinci, was found in Paris when a retired doctor brought a portfolio of works to an auction house for a valuation.

The auction house estimated "The Martyred Saint Sebastian" could be worth as much as 15 million euros, which is equivalent to $16 million in American currency.

The "Martyred Saint Sebastian" shows the early Christian saint bound to a tree. The discovery is the third known Da Vinci sketch of the subject. Da Vinci mentioned eight drawings of the saint in his Codex called "Atlanticus."

In March, the doctor brought 14 drawings, which he had received from his father, to Prate's Paris office. The pictures' obvious age made the Doctor curious, so he hired a professional named Patrick de Bayser to confirm the artist. The traces of markings on the back showed that the artist was left-handed, much like Da Vinci. With a little more examination, the case was closed; the style of Da Vinci was portrayed in the image, and it was deemed an original piece.

The piece will be added into an auction but needs a passport to be sold internationally. Until then, the French International Museum has the ability to prevent the sale and claim it as a National Treasure.