• Zachery Bernabe

The iPhone 8 Rumors

The upcoming Iphone 8, due to hit stores some time in 2017, is a huge topic of discussion right now, and there are a lot of facts and rumors going around. However, in this article we are only going to look at the few rumored changes to the phone's look, proposed models, charging capabilities, and core upgrades.

Apple hasn't had a new look for the IPhone since the IPhone was released over two years ago. However, the new Iphone 8 will change that with the new, easier on the eyes OLED screen, edge-to-edge display, no home button, and the camera and Touch ID integrated into the screen. These changes will give it a newer look and a more sleeker, cleaner, and seamless design.

There are also going to be three models for the new phone: the main phone will have a OLED display, while the other two will have the standard screen. Little more is known about the differences between the different models at this point, including the size and thickness of the phones.

Another nice addition to all of the new features will be wireless charging. It's a nice upgrade since Android and the Apple watch use this method of charging. Since the current Iphone 7 model doesn't have a headphone jack, wireless charging should allow users to charge their phone and use headphones at the same time.

The last thing about the new iphone that we know of is the new A11 processor. With this new upgrade, the phone will be a lot faster, and the battery life of the phone will be improved.

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