• Madison Campbell

Robbery at Tallahassee Dollar General

On Saturday morning, December 3, 2016, a robbery took place at a Dollar General store in Fort Braden, Florida. The suspect from Monticello, Florida, Carlester Fryson, age 31, was seen in the store wielding a gun, frightening the store clerk and manager when he gave a warning shot. As the man fled the scene, witnesses saw a women in the passenger seat of the truck. The authorities later discovered the womans' name was Brittany Nutter and that she is 18 years old.

At one point, the criminals carjacked a woman's Toyota 4Runner. Once they wrecked it, they took off on foot and stole a man's cell phone. When they were finally caught, their Miranda Rights were read to them by Florida Highway Patrol. The two were sent to the Calhoun County Jail on the following charges: armed robbery, carjacking and possession of methamphetamine. Fryson and Nutter are being held without bail.