• Madison Campbell

My Experiance at Victorian Christmas

A friend and me posing at the Victorian Christmas festival

On Friday, December 9, 2016, Thomasville, Georgia, hosted their annual Victorian Christmas, which I attend every year. The most unusual trend to me is when people dress up, giving an insight to how people looked during the Victorian era, which occurred during the middle to later half of the 1800s. I dressed up this year to get into character, and it was all new to me. The amount of clothing and layers is quite different than how we modern people dress.

When I arrived and changed into my attire, I found many others were doing the same. Many compliments were sent back and forth, and I even had a little girl walk up to me, calling me a "princess." If I were to go next year, I would definitely dress up again.

The Victorian Christmas lasted from 6-9 PM, and they had many things going on at once. Fire benders, a Winter Wonderland with snow, the Nativity Scene and a meet with Santa Clause were the main entertainment, along with the gift shops and restaurants being open until 9. My second favorite part of the night was the large variety and amount of food vendors throughout the streets.

The Victorian Christmas was an all-around great experience with joyous people wandering the streets and yummy, delicious treats.