• Jah'Nyia Mills

YouTube Tutorials: Skin Care Routines

I know many females are very precautions and concerned about their faces. When it comes down to taking care of your skin and face, you have to be really careful about what you use on it.

Some people, like me, have very sensitive skin, meaning we can't just put anything on it, or we'll end up having a bad reaction to it. I once put something a friend recommended on my face; it worked really well for her face, but it started making my skin peel and burn, which wasn't normal.

The question is how do you know what works for your face? All I can say is try it out and see.

If you're looking for any tips on skin or any great recommendations on YouTube, I highly recommend Naturally Sunny, Lizze Loves, PaisliB and Dana Alexia. They all use different products, but I thought about trying something Lizzie Loves uses and recommended: lemon essential oil and a cleansing brush.

Lemon essential oil is a good cleaner. You can use it for cleansing many things, such as your body, skin, metal, and even dishes and clothes. For your skin, it helps your skin tone become even, and it helps with other things. If you watch Lizzie Loves's YouTube video, "How to clear acne in two weeks on a budget, all natural products," she will tell you everything you need or want to know about your skin.

Personally, I would recommend everyone to get a cleansing brush. You can buy one off Amazon for $11.99. That's the cheapest one on there, unless you want one that comes with other things. The cleansing brush helps get down in your pores, because cleaning your face every night with your hands and cloth doesn't really help as the brush would.

Overall, I would recommend everyone with acne, uneven skin tone, or anything else that involves your face to watch Naturally Sunny, Lizzie loves, PaisliB, and Dana Alexia on YouTube, and order some Lemon Essential Oil and a cleansing brush off of Amazon.