• Destiny Shamblin

Taxi Runs Into Hospital in Japan

On Saturday December 4, 2016, in Southwest Japan, Tatsuo Matsuoka, a 64-year-old man, ran into a hospital, killing possibly three and injuring seven people around 5 pm. Witnesses said that he seemed to be coming faster towards the hospital. On the other hand, the driver said he tried to downshift to slow down but mistook the gas pedal for the brake. Police confirmed half of his statement.

The dead are Moriyuki Hanada and his wife Misayo, both in their 40s, and Kazuyuki Endo, 53. The witnesses said that the white taxi burst through the window on the first floor and finally stopped when he accellerated into the wall, according to the police. There was no passenger aboard the taxi, so no one knows what really happened inside the taxi but the driver. There have been no charges filed yet.