• Vallicia Clark

Vallicia's Top Three Favorite Artists

I love all genres of music, especially Hip Hop/ Rap. I have three favorite artists that I will listen to all day if you let me.

1. J. Cole

I'm a big fan of J. Cole because his lyrics and his flow are very different and unique. About 75% of rappers rap about drugs, girls, and money. Fortunately, J. Cole raps about his life and the times he had growing up. I feel as if he's speaking to my generation of kids.

My Favorite Track: "Love Yourz," from the album "2014 Forrest Hills Drive"

2. Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko's music gives you a comforting and earthy, natural feel. Her music is very warming to the soul, and it calms you down when you feel like you're stressing about anything in life. I would let my little sister listen to her music for the experience.

My Favorite Track: "Spotless Mind," from the album "Souled Out"

3. Bryson Tiller

Bryson Tiller is last on my list because his music is in a way depressing, but not sad. He sings about relationships, and his music speaks to the heart, mind, and soul. After listening to his music you may want to fix a broken relationship or friendship because his lyrics are so deep and touching.

My Favorite Tracks: "Exchange" and "Don't," from the album "Trap Soul"

I recommend these three artists to the next generation coming because they make you think about life and also help to relieve stress.