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Do You Want To Be A Journalist? A Classroom Survey The Teacher Will Be Curious About

This is a Journalism class, but are we all dedicated to turning this into a career? Survey shows that no, the majority of the class doesn't want to go into journalism as a career, three fourths to be exact. Only a fourth of the class is even the slightest bit interested in pursuing this job occupation, as most are in here because they didn't want another year of Physical Education.

Out of the twelve students in my class that I had surveyed only three want to be a journalist, despite the fact that it's not a million dollar career opportunity. Fortunately for these three students, I being one of them, the school thinks it is worth a whole semester of classes to appease the desires of the few.

On the flip side of the coin a whole nine students said no, they had no interest in journalism. However, these students are learning imperative basic writing skills that they would otherwise not learn in a regular classroom setting because of various time constraints. They learn to form strong sentences, capture a reader's attention, and communicate their ideas through writing.

I wrote this article not to give depressing survey results, but to prove to our sponsor, our teacher, our mentor, that despite the fact that we are not all mini journalists, we have learned. Thanks a lot Mr. Smith.