• Jah'Nyia Mills

Deadly Warehouse Fire

On the night of Friday, December 2nd, a fire at a warehouse party in Oakland, California killed at least 36 people. Investigations are ongoing: the building is currently being cleared and searched, but many people still remain unaccounted for.

According to CNN, "The warehouse was the site of an artists' collective known as The Ghost Ship, and many of the victims were either associated with the group or with the local creative community; musicians, tech professionals, students and free spirits."

Some have tried to place the blame on the warehouse's manager, 47-year-old Derick Almena, who was not at the warehouse at the time of the fire. Some have suggested that the building was not safe. Almena has since spoken out and defended himself, calling himself the "father of this space," according to NBC News.

The family of Nicholas Walrath told NBC News that he texted his partner of five years "Fire" and "I love you" after saying he had attended the party at the warehouse. The Walrath family provided DNA samples, but authorities told them that identification could take days or longer. The family of Amanda Allen, who was missing after the fire, told New England Cable News that authorities confirmed that Amanda was among the victims.