• Taylor Faircloth

Samsung Wins Supreme Court Battle With Apple

According to the USA Today, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that Samsung's violation of Apple's smartphone design may have involved only a component, rather than the entire product. Samsung avoided spending hundreds of millions of dollars on the penalty.

The legal battle between the two companies began in 2011 as Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement; one of the main points argued in the case was whether Samsung had copied the "distinctive appearance" of Apple's products. The dispute between these two tech giants quickly became "one of the most closely watched patent cases to come before the top U.S. court in recent years," according to Reuters.

Samsung already has so many problems as it is, ranging from smartphones that burst into flames to washers with exploding tops. The company initially faced nearly $1 billion in penalties, later reduced to $548 million, for imitating elements of the iPhone's design. Nearly $400 million is at stake in the current dispute.

The justices reasoned that the infringement could affect the phones appearance, rather than their capabilities. In court, Chief Justice John Roberts had noted Samsung did not infringe on "all the chips and wires."

Nearly $400 million was at stake in the current dispute. Now the case will return to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which has jurisdiction on patent cases, to determine what portion of its profits Samsung must pay.

source: usatoday.com and reuters.com