• Vallicia Clark

Puppy Cleans His Own Puddle in The Most Adorable Way

A puppy has gone viral after his owner took photos of him trying to clean his own urine puddle.

It all started when Pablo, a 3-month-old pit bull, couldn't make it outside in time to use the restroom, so he had an accident on his owner's floor.

Instead of hitting the dog like most owners would do, Pablo's owner, Texas rapper Acelin Hampton, snapped a couple of pictures for Twitter.

Although Pablo wasn't in the picture, the picture was of a pile of tissue with the caption, "My dog Pablo [had an accident] on the floor and tried to clean it up. Really can't even [punish him] for this one."

According to dailymail.com, this isn't the first time Pablo has had an accident in the house.

When Pablo was first adopted and had frequent accidents in the house, he would watch Hampton clean them up with toilet paper. The rapper told BuzzFeed.

This little pup's incident has gone viral on Twitter with more than 6,000 tweets, and he even has his own twitter account, @Pablo3Bands made by his owner.