• Marcus Nichols

Major League Gaming Crash Course

Major League Gaming is an online community where many gamers all around the world can compete against each other in all types of online competitive games. You can create an account on www.majorleaguegaming.com to meet new friends, get idea and tips on video games, and play competitively with new members.

Many of the competitions are scheduled through the game battles bracket on the MLG forums. In order to compete, you must either create or be a part of a team. The competitions all depend on what kind of teams are drafted in; there are 3 different areas a team can be put into: Game Battles, Convention Competitor, and Academic Roll.

In Game Battles, members who are competing have the privilege to sit at home and compete for small prizes. The winning team is usually awarded between $200 - $1000, depending on what game they are playing, and how many people are on each team.

A Convention Competitor team has the chance to fly out to the location of the tournament (usually a big gaming convention) and play for big money prizes and chances to be sponsored. This is the best start for getting paid to play games. Most of the time, if your team is drafted into these types of tournaments, all no personal expenses are paid for including plane tickets and hotel costs.

Academic Roll teams are the hardest to become a part of. In order to participate in any tournament of this team type, you must be eighteen years of age and older, and your name must be placed on your teams roster on the MLG forum, along with your gamer tag (your online gaming nickname). These teams go on trips around the world to compete in the Champion World League for their chosen video game, sponsored by EA Sports and Sony: Play Station 4. Each team will have a limit of six players and will play a certain number of rounds for their game. The winner takes home a tremendous grand prize that can run into millions of dollars, as well as the CWL yearly trophy.