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FSU Student Killed on Appalachee Parkway

In Tallahassee, Florida, a man named Adrian Foushee died after being hit by a pickup truck while on his scooter. Adrian Foushee was a Florida State University student athlete and was only 25 years old.

On Friday, December 2, 2016, just before midnight, a pickup truck hit a scooter and killed Adrian Foushee and injured two people, the driver of the truck and a passenger who was on the scooter with Foushee. 35-year-old Stanley Chambers (passenger) and Weber (truck driver) were hospitalized in the crash. Tallahassee police returned to the scene where Foushee died using laser technology to map the area. Reporters said that the driver of the truck has not been charged at the time.

Friends and Family said that Foushee was a very nice respectable man, and he was so friendly to people. He always wanted to make sure he made everyone laugh. "He was this guy who just loved life," one of his friends said.