• Madison Campbell

My Favorite Bracelet Design Using Paracord

Have you seen the brightly colored cord bracelets many people are wearing these days? Or maybe you have seen camouflage and neon orange in mind-entrancing designs? These are known as paracord bracelets, and they're made from the same cord material parachutists use in the military.

Today, I'm going to give you my favorite technique and the items you'll need to walk around styling your new and helpful bracelet. The items listed below apply to the bracelet.

* A lighter

* Measure your wrist, you'll need at least 8ft

* A buckle

* Scissors

The Shark Jaw Bone

I've always thought this technique was cool and eye-capturing, and it's by far my favorite. Not only is it elaborate and visually intense, but you can even flip it inside out. Below is a visual of the creation and a few descriptions throughout the process.

Step one

Step two

Step three

Step four

Step five

Step six

Now, the finale touch is to make a "Cobra" knot to keep the bracelet form coming apart.

At the very end, light the two stray ends and push them against the rest of the bracelet.

After that you will have a awesome bracelet showing off your creativity and giving you the energy to make more.