• Kassidy O.

Tammy Donalson Awarded For Her Service

Last week at a state math conference at Rock Eagle, Cairo High School vice principal Tammy Donalson was awarded with the Gladys M. Thomason award by the Georgia Council Teachers of Mathematics for her service in the mathematics education field.

Donalson has taught in the field since 1990, and she worked at Washington Middle School for two years before transferred to CHS. In 2008, she was promoted to instructional coordinator at Cairo High and in 2015 was promoted to assistant principal.

Principal Chris Lokey of Cairo High School told the Cairo Messenger, “We are extremely proud of her.”

Donalson, who has served 11 years as conference registrar in the Georgia Council Teachers of Mathematics, says that being a part of the group has helped her a lot as a teacher and now as an administrator.

“Some of the best things I have in my tool box I have learned from going and hearing from other people,” Donalson says.

Donalson told the Red and Black that "Being from a small town and winning a state award was an honor and pretty big deal." She went on to say that being on the same "awardees list" as the people she looked up to for her profession was what "made it even more of an honor."

Research taken from the Cairo Messenger.