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Tallahassee Woman Stabbed to Death, Killer Still Missing

Three months ago, tragedy struck when 27-year-old Javona Glover was stabbed to death by former boyfriend, Tavon Jackson, at a Tallahassee Walgreen's.

Now, Glover's family is desperate for answers. Glover's father stated that "It really hurts that you can have three months go by and not hear anything about what happened to your daughter." The family said the last three months have been a nightmare, and they are living in constant fear.

WCTV stated that 25-year-old Jackson and Glover dated before the incident, and they even have a two-year-old daughter together. Tallahassee police haven't found him since the incident happened.

Reporters stated that the reward for any information leading to the arrest is now up to $21 thousand, more than half of that money has been raised by friends and family members. All of them say they'll do whatever they can to find the man who killed Javona.