• Jah'Nyia Mills

Being Overweight and Obese

Being overweight or obesity is an amount of extra fat a person is carrying. Doctors use a measurement called Body Mass Index known as BMI, to figure out if a person is overweight. BMI is a calculation that uses your height and weight to determine how much body fat you have.

If your doctor tell you that you’re overweight or obese, you should take that very serious. It can turn into a major risk of health problems like for instance diabetes type two and high blood pressure. Being overweight or obese can cause you to have Blount disease which is excess weight on growing bones can lead to this bone deformity of the lower legs, asthma, sleep apnea it’s when you stop breathing in your sleep, high cholesterol, and other things.

Obesity tends to run in families, so it can be a genetic thing. Although, genes strongly influence the size, the environment plays a role in this also. Some people may gain weight because of unhealthy food choices like fast foods and junk foods. It’s okay to eat those foods sometimes, but as long as you’re an active person, you should be okay and if you’re not, you might want to get active doing something, walking, running, going to the gym or playing sports.

In order to not be obese or overweight, I advise you to eat healthier using more vegetables when making dinner and eating more fruits. Make snacks that involve fruits that you like. Exercise more, get active, join the gym, play sports, run, walk, you can even walk or run with your dog.