• Taylor Faircloth

You Can Now Download Shows from Netflix

Netflix users can now watch their favorite shows offline. The company confirmed in a tweet that subscribers will be able to download their favorite programs instead of just streaming them through a broadband connection or using mobile data. Downloading these programs using a broadband connection rather than mobile data will allow users to save their mobile data for social media, games such as "Pokemon Go," or their other favorite apps. The ability to download these programs also allows users to continue watching their shows if their device's signal or wifi connection is lost.

"Airplane mode. Road trip mode. Stuck-in-the-subway-for-20-minutes mode. Your favorite stories are now available for download any time." pic.twitter.com/g7QZA3TyE8

— Netflix US (@netflix) November 30, 2016

The feature is available now for download on iOS and Android. Eddy Wu, Netflix's director of product innovation says the download feature is available on all plans.

There are a numbered of TV shows and movies you can download. The selection includes a mix of original programs such as House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, as well as older movies and TV shows from networks such as Parks and Recreation. Wu claims that there will be more of a selection in the future.

source: usatoday.com