• Sophomore, Rachel Jowers

A Fan's 'Fantastic' Preview

Fantastic. Beasts. Where do they come from? Find out in the latest movie of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Follow the adventures of Newt Scamander as he finds himself sucked into something bigger than he anticipated when his intentions lead to slight hysteria among the No-Maj community. The original Harry Potter fans (I as well) were probably just as confused about the reference to Muggles as “No-Majs.” For the sake of complicated world-building though, we remain tolerant.

The introduction of the mysterious Graves and his fascination with a boy called Credence gave off a pretty shady vibe as the plot thickened, but for the sake of my life I will not put the spoiler alert in the middle of the article. Instead I will put it way below. Read at your own risk!

While Graves was sizing up Credence, Newt was busy chasing Nifflers and other Fantastic Beasts, chasing creatures and (as a female viewer I prayed) love. Rules will be broken and surprises await!


Graves is Grindlewald. Sorry.