• Emily Harrell

Kansas Woman Kills Mother and Kidnaps Infant

In Witchita, Kansas, a woman has been accused of kidnapping a 6-day-old baby and murdering the mother.

The women, Yesenia Sesmas, said in a interview with KUVN-TV of Dallas-Fort Worth that the mother of the baby, Laura Abarca-Nogueda, agreed to give her newborn to Sesmas but had backed out of the agreement at the last minute.

Sesmas, in an interview at the Dallas County Jail, said that she did kill Abarca-Nogueda, but didn't intend to. She said she was trying to threaten her with the gun when it accidentally discharged.

The police in Witchita,Kansas said that Sesmas was a long time acquaintance with Abarca-Nogueda and that she faked being pregnant for months. Sesma had known Abarca-Nogueda for years and spent time with her in Witchita before returning to live in Texas for several months. She had traveled all the way to Witchita to kidnap the baby.

Sesma was charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping charges are pending.

The baby, Sophia, was returned to the family on Saturday.

All information from www.cbsnews.com