• Madison Campbell

Dying UK Girl's Wish to be Cryo-Preserved is Granted

Recently, a teenage girl from London made a life decision, requesting that her body be frozen. The 14 year-old girl, who passed away on October 17, 2016, believed that being Cryo-preserved would better her chances of survival so that if the cure to cancer was found in the future, they may be able to bring her back to life.

The girl's parents had different views on their child's wish to be frozen. The mother was all for the idea of preserving her body, while her father did not quite agree with the circumstances; however, as she neared death, her father changed his mind. The girl asked a judge intervene, and in what is now being called a "landmark case" in cryogenic preservation, the judge granted her wish.

The girl's name, as well as her parents, cannot be named for legal purposes, but her illness prevented her from attending the court ruling which was held in October. Many medical skeptics are questioning the plan but wont try to change the girls request.

Cryo-preservation has not been tested, nor does it promise any positive results, but her wishes were very clear in the matter and will be followed through.

Sources: Fox News