• Emily Harrell`

5 Utah Students Stabbed At High School

A male student was taken into custody for stabbing five students Tuesday inside a Orem, Utah high school. The 16-year-old is a straight A student with no record of disciplinary trouble. He had attacked his classmate in the locker room as they were changing clothes.

A witness, Karen Martinez, saw three of the victims running out of the locker room as she was arriving to the school. One of the victims had a head wound, another one had a neck injury, and one had blood running down the back of his shirt.

With tears in her eyes, Martinez said, "It was so terrifying. I didn't know any of the kids but still it was like an awful feeling to see all those kids getting hurt."

"Authorities did not identify the suspect by name because of his age," according to to msn.com

The hospital officials said that all of the five victims are expected to survive. Two are in serious condition but are currently stable.

The Orem police posted a letter from the parents of the 16-year-old, in which they apologized for their son's actions and said none of the victims had done anything to make their son stab them. The stabbings were not ethnically or racially motivated. The letter said, "We are at a loss to express how deeply sorry we are for the pain and injury caused."

Police said that the victims were not singled out or anything; they were just nearby when the attack began.

All information from www.msn.com