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The Supporting and the Dissenting: The Election Aftermath

Note to readers:

First of all, I'd like to address the fact that this is NOT an editorial, or opinion piece. This is purely a report on two different views on the election outcome. The Republican piece is using content and sources from Jeffrey Schweers. The Democrat piece is using content and sources from James Call. All I am doing is summarizing their pieces and all credit goes to these gentlemen, respectively and graciously.

GOP supporters are ecstatic with the victory concerning the Presidency. POTUS-bound Trump gives them hope that conservative ideals will be passed and enforced with the House of Representatives, the Senate, the potentially conservative Supreme Court, and the obvious one, the Presidential Office. The dissenting Hilary Clinton supporters/Democrats are terrified by this, inevitably formulating ideas and plans to get America under Democratic rule once again.

Not all Conservatives are enthused by Trump's sweep of electoral votes. Mac Stipanovich, a Republican consultant, stated "It's the end of the Republican party as we have known it." Not exactly a confidence booster, however, the cries of victory have drowned out these concerned voices; they seem more like a whisper compared to roar of a circus tent.

One thing is certain though: Trump is White House bound, and the supporters will enjoy the victory. It's unfortunate that the dissenters will just have to ride it out.