• Senior, Kaitlyn Berry

Pandora Radio Review- Great Music Anytime, Anywhere

Pandora is online radio used to hear certain artists, similar songs, and album-specific stations. Pandora can be used by anyone either on their phone, computer, or even car radio! On Pandora, when you search for an artist or song, it will bring up a specially made station fit to that artist and similar artists that will play on said station. Pandora has the option to upgrade your account so you can listen to ad-free music for only $3.99 per month, or $36 per year.

I have been using Pandora for quite some time now, and I absolute love it! I have over 15 stations on my profile that I listen to on a daily basis. The music varies from spunky pop music to alternative rock; for example, one minute I'll be listening to Sleeping With Sirens and the next it will be Jon Bellion. One of my favorite aspects of Pandora is the "Like" or "Dislike" button, Why? Whenever I dislike a song, it won't play the song ever again, but when I like a song, it will play it more often.

Pandora is great for going on a jog, riding in the car, relaxation, or a upbeat dance party. I will continue to use Pandora for as long as I'm alive or as long as it's up and running. I recommend Pandora to anyone looking for a great music app.

Rating: 1-10? 100.