• Senior, Kaitlyn Berry

Navy Girlfriend Items On Etsy!

Being a navy girlfriend is difficult. That much is true. Having your sailor away for months at a time can be very lonesome and depressing. There is one thought that is always kept with a navy girlfriend which helps keep them faithful, hopeful, and wishful. That thought is "No matter where their significant other is in the world, they will always be there by their side." So while you wait for the dreaded deployment to be over, why not check out the navy girlfriend apparel shops on Etsy!

The one that I like the most is from the user JLeeJewels. That item is the American flag and navy camouflage headband. It's a great way to show support to your sailor.

Etsy is a relatively cheap online shop that has hundreds of items. You can find pretty much anything you're looking for. On Etsy you can sell, create, and buy items. Etsy has a large variety of any type of military items, but considering that I am a navy girlfriend, these items suit me better.

Here is the Link!: