• Zachery Bernabe

Top Five Life Hacks

Browsing the internet, you may have seen people talking about "life hacks." So, what is a life hack? A life hack is any clever idea which saves you time or makes your life easier. Here are five of the coolest life hacks that I would recommend:

1. If you don't have anything to cook on, like a grill or stove, then you can make your own with a simple can. Just cut the can into 10 sections and fold them out. Then get tinfoil and wrap it around the inside of the can so you can fit charcoal inside it. Put a grate over it, and now you're ready to cook.

2. Are you tired of getting a pizza and it being cold when you get home? Well, with this life hack you can keep it nice and warm. All you have to do is turn on your seat warmer and your pizza will stay nice and warm the whole way to your home.

3. Have you ever used tape and couldn't find the end? Well, if you put a paperclip at the end of the tape, you will never lose it again.

4. Has your charging cable ever just broken because the end cords have popped out? Well, if you add a spring to the end, it will never break when you bend the cord.

5.Do you need to clean or fix a scratched up disc, but you dont have the time or money to get it professionally fixed? Well you can get a peeled banana and rub it over the scratches then buff it out with the outside of the peel