• Madison Campbell

The Mortal Instruments: Book Review

"The Mortal instruments" Series by Cassandra Clare is made up of six books and they are very interesting. You would think that being a large series you would tend to loose interest but not in this case. The first of six is called "City Of Bones" and it definitely leaves an imprint. It will draw you in to read even more when it leaves the ending as a cliff hanger.

The book was absolutely amazing A beautiful plot, intriguing characters, and great action. Considering that it sloshes together witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, and even demons, I was a little scared of how it would turn out but I was surprised. This book was really entertaining.

The series begins with a girl named Clarissa Fray, who one night, witnesses three teenagers kill a boy. She is appalled from the sight. But she soon realizes, that maybe what she thinks she saw, isn't what it was at all. Clarissa, who goes by Clary, soon finds herself in a heap of trouble and confusion when she discovers who and what she really is, a Shadow Hunter. Clarissa goes through hardships loosing loved ones along the way and at one point, almost looses herself.

"The Mortal Instruments" series has a trilogy prequel called "The Infernal Devices" and they are just as perfect.