• Emily Harrell

Rescuers Searching For Boy Stuck In Well For 4 Nights

A little boy was helping his father harvest vegetables on Sunday morning, November 6, 2016, when the boy fell into a well in Hebei in northern China, where he remained trapped for four nights.

The Chinese rescuers are searching for the 5-year-old. The latest report said that they are still searching at 9 a.m this Thursday, but there is still no sign of the boy. There are more than 500 rescuers helping to find him.

The well is only one foot wide and forty meters deep. The well is too narrow for adults to climb inside. Rescuers are digging out the well.

The state news agency Xinhua said that the earth was going to collapse, but measures have been taken to support the earth.

All information from Cnn.com