• Zachery Bernabe

The Walking Dead Episode 703

Warning for "Walking Dead" fans: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Last night's episode of "The Walking Dead" was absolutely heart-wrenching with the showing of Daryl Dixon and the home of the Saviors. We know Daryl as being an all-around amazing character: he is strong, caring, and a great leader. In this episode, we see a side of Daryl we have never seen before. We see him locked in a cell room being starved and tortured, and at the end of the episode we see Daryl in tears while looking at a picture of Glenn's dead body.

Also in this episode we were brought to the Saviors' home turf. Here we see how the leader, Negan, has full control of the sanctuary. He is a strong, brutal dictator who follows very strict rules, and anyone who breaks those rules will be severely punished. Negan also wants Daryl to join him, but Daryl is loyal to one group, and that's Rick's group.