• Taylor Faircloth


Twitter users are changing their profile pictures and backgrounds to black in protest of Donald Trump’s stunning victory. On Wednesday morning, #TwitterBlackOut began trending nationwide as people encouraged others to change their backgrounds and profile pictures in a sign of solidarity. Many users tweeted that they believe Trump will negatively affect minorities, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community.

“Latino & Asian friends, Muslim & Atheist friends, Friends with chronic pain... I am so so sorry #twitterblackout”— dorisafinkasaurus (@danahdoris) November 9, 2016.

People used the hash tags #NotMyPresident and #ImStillWithHer to showcase their opposition to the win. Other users noted that Trump had the backing of half of the country and won fair and square.

#twitterblackout sorry to rain on your parade but trump won fair and Square he is Americas President do get over”— Nichole (@DaRealMusicLess) November 9, 2016

“The #twitterblackout is dumb.Trump won get over it.I bet more than half the people protesting didn't even vote.”— Marcos Garcia (@another_garcia) November 9, 2016

source: usatoday.com