• Emily Harrell

18-Year-Old Beats Grandmother to Death Over Beer

On October 10, police from Jacksonville, Florida, responded to a call of domestic disturbance from a witness saying the residents were arguing.

Eighteen-year-old, Dylan Broughman, was charged and arrested for the murder of his 69-year-old grandmother, Joyce Courson.

The witness said, "Brougham and Courson were fighting because she took his beer while he was showering and hid it. The witness then said they heard a few bangs and Courson screaming for help. The witness found Courson on the floor and saw Brougham leaving the house."

The witness Dillon Ross, a roommate, said he had just gone to bed after getting back from working night shift. He heard the argument and some banging. He also said that he usually heard them arguing in the mornings, but he usually stayed out of it. Ross said, “She took the beer and he just flipped out and I guess she wouldn’t tell him where she put it, so he started punching holes in the wall, then destroying the house pretty much and then blaming her,” Ross said. “I didn’t think anything of it until I heard this ridiculous crash. That’s when it was like this turned into something crazy. After the crash, I heard the grandmother screaming for help.”

When they found Courson, she was in a puddle of her own blood. There were fist-sized holes in the wall beside her. Her eye was split open, and she had bruises and severe cuts on her face, stomach, and chest. Courson was taken to the hospital and later died on October 18.

Dylan Broughman's mother, Tracey Lynn Broughman, was in tears while standing in the home of the attack. Tracey Broughman called her mother her "best friend." She said she felt overwhelmed by looking at the holes punched or kicked in the three holes near the kitchen.

“I am sick for the loss of my mother. I am sick for the loss of my son. I don’t feel he deserves to go to prison. I don’t feel in my heart that he meant to do this to the severity that he did, It’s just so hard. I am so emotional,” she said. “I am lost without Mom. We were everything together."

All information from www.jacksonville.com