• R&B Staff

Locals Disagree on Whether to Build Community Pool

According to the Cairo Messenger, on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, the Grady County Board of Commissioners held a “hearing/listening session” regarding the public’s desire to go forward with a plan to build a community pool, which was approved by local voters in 2007. About 100 local citizens attended the session, and there was disagreement there over how available funds should be used and what form the eventual “aquatic center” should take.

Grady County administrator Carlos Tobar suggested that the price of building an Olympic-sized pool - more than 3.3 million dollars and a hundred thousand dollars more each year to keep it running – was far more than the community could afford. Together with the $900,000 originally available for the project, Tobar recommends using several hundred thousand more dollars in SPLOT funds, as well as a $100,000 grant from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, to fund the project. He recommends using any leftover funds from the project to fund new Grady County Volunteer Fire Department constructions.

During the meeting, other options for using public funds emerged, including a smaller, eight-lane, 25-yard competitive pool, which could be built for less than $900,000, and a “splash pad” for a 12-week season, which would be much more affordable, at a cost of around $6000 per month, according to some estimates.

Chairman Norton closed the public hearing session by announcing that the board will make a final decision on November 15.