• Madison Campbell

Supernatural: Break Down

Supernatural is a TV show full of cliff hangers and multiple jokes made by Dean.

The main reason why Dean and his brother Sam track down spirits is to bring justice to their mother that died in a house fire made by a demon.

At first, the only reason they got into the business of destroying the UN-dead was to find the demon that killed their mother but later on, after they brought an end to its terror, they decided to carry on with the job; Acting like super hero's to people in need that are being haunted.

My favorite episode is in season 2 called "Folsom prison blues" It's about a ghost killing off inmates and Dean and Sam have to purposefully get arrested to figure out how to rid of the ghost before their time is up and there only way of escape arrives.

Supernatural is definitely a head rush, especially when things jump out at you. If you like surprise scares and binge watching with a big bowl of popcorn this is definitely something you would enjoy watching.