• Vallicia Clark

Mule Day Begins Tomorrow

People around the cities of Cairo, Calvary, Thomasville, and other surrounding counties are on their grills getting ready for the Mule Day festivities tomorrow morning and afternoon.

While many people are gathering their mules and boiled peanuts, others are preparing Cane Syrup to be bottled.

Tomorrow morning at 11 AM, Mule Day will kick off with it's 44th Annual Mule Day Parade. Afterwards, everyone will head out to the Mule Day Grounds for the rest of the Mule Day festivities.

Not only will there be mules at the Grounds, but there will also be many vendors such as food, art, clothes, and much more.

So, if you're not busy tomorrow, come out to Calvary Mule Day Grounds for their 44th Annual Mule Day.