• Zachery Bernabe


"The Walking Dead" is making a huge impact on viewers with the releasing of King Ezekiel and his "Kingdom." The title of this episode was "The Well," which brings in a quote by King Ezekiel: "Drink from the well, replenish the well." Critics say this episode was a great turnaround from the blood and gore from the last episode, and its also great to know who King Ezekiel is.

King Ezekiel is the leader of the Kingdom. He is also a former zoo keeper. King Ezekiel is secretly working with the group that killed Glenn and Aberham in the last episode called "The Saviors." In this episode we also found out that Carol is alive and has now come to the kingdom.

The question now is whether Carol will stay at the kingdom and whether she will help save Rick and the rest of the group, or whether she will stay to herself again. Carol is a very unpredictable character in the show. She has run away many times but has come back and saved the group every time. We will have to wait until the next episode on Sunday at 9 pm on AMC to find out.