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Editorial: ADHD is NOT an Epidemic

ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity-Disorder, is not an epidemic. If you are like me, you probably haven't thought too deeply in this matter, but I assure you, it is of the utmost importance. I was first enlightened on this subject by a video from the YouTube channel TED Talks, specifically a lecture on "Changing the Education Paradigm." I will attach the link to the bottom of the page.

It was while watching this video that my eyes opened to the illusion of ADHD. If a map of the so-called epidemic was shown, there would be a growing concentration of cases of ADHD as you look to the Eastern states. There is a light concentration in Oklahoma, while the concentration is alarmingly high in Washington (that explains a lot!) In no way, shape, form, or fashion am I saying that ADHD is not a real disorder. I am only saying that it is dealt with in an incorrect fashion. Instead of putting the brain of a child in a state of diluted brain activity with anesthetics, we should be waking their brain up. The real victims of the fictitious epidemic are the Arts. The Arts rely on heightened brain activity that promotes emotion and productivity. With the repression of these brain functions, children who would be certifiable geniuses, are doomed to be an "Average Joe."

This is made to be even worse by the layout of our school systems. Once again, I must clarify that I am not saying that the school system is corrupt, dishonest, etc. All I am saying is that our school system was designed for a different time period, the Industrial Revolution. Have you noticed that we sit in rows, have separated classroom settings, and are distributed into classes by age or "date of manufacture"? This is so because during the Industrial Revolution, any able student was prepared to go directly into the workforce, factories. Now, if you take a survey of a classroom and ask, "Do you plan to work in a factory for a living?" the answer would probably be a high percentage of "No."

Please accept the truth that ADHD is not an epidemic, despite the fact that many children receive drugs for it. Embrace our children's imagination and creativity instead of packaging them into rows of classroom seats by their "date of manufacture."

Here is the link to the video: