• Emily Harrell

Mother Gets Sentenced For Endangerment

29-year-old Jessica Reger, from Hanover, Pennsylvania, plead guilty of endangering the well-being of two children and was sentenced six to 23 months in York county prison. Reger had allowed her two children to ride in the back of her 2002 Chevrolet Corvette.

Reger had been pulled over by Hanover Borough police after they got a report. The police had found the two children of ages 3 and 5 in the so-called "trunk." Korey Leslie, a lawyer who represented Reger, said, "Corvettes don't have trunks. Corvettes have wells in the back. The trunk issue has always been a sticking point for us."

During the hearing, Christy H. Fawcett of the York County Common Pleas Court had Reger explain exactly what happened. "Reger, who had been riding as a passenger in the car, said she allowed her children to get into the back of the two-seater: an area that she described as 'like a well, an open space' though she did not mention why. Right now, the kids have “temporary guardianship,” she said." This is according to a CNN report.

For a part of her sentence, Reger had to attend a parenting class, which she has already finished.

All information from WWW.CNN.COM