• R&B Staff

Fort Walton Beach Man Kills Family, Self

In Fort Walton Beach, Florida, on October 26, 2016, 46-year-old William Butler stabbed his wife, shot his two children, then shot and killed himself, according to multiple reports. A 17 year-old male relative who was in the home at the time fled to a neighbor's home, where authorities were contacted. The domestic disturbance call came in the early morning hours of October 26, and when policed got there, they found the four bodies, along with the shotgun and knife which Butler used to kill himself and his family. Catrina Butler was 43, Jeremy Butler was 20, and Katelyn Butler was only 14 years-old.

According to nwfdailynews.com, the boy heard screaming and loud noises in his home and fled through several neighbors' yards until he found someone who could help him. Neighbors said Butler was having problems with his wife - according to one report, his wife had left him before - and had sought help and advice from a local church ministry. According to nwfdailynews.com, one neighbor who knew "Billy" Butler personally, said "Butler often spoke of trouble in the home, and blamed his wife for the turmoil."

Research for this article was taken from WCTV.com and nwfdailynews.com